MPR™ Benefits

Supporting Patients and Caregivers

On Compliance:

Patients can see the need to regularly take their psychotropic medications

On Validation:

Patients are assured that symptoms are connected to scientific underpinning and caregivers are provided the comfort of a validated diagnosis

On Treatment:

Helps caregivers delineate what stimulants and mood stabilizers can do and what remains to be done via psychotherapeutic work

Providing Clinicians With an Objective Tool

Only a clinician can make a diagnosis, but this will give them a tool to help them more quickly and accurately establish either diagnosis or response to medication via lab work, augmenting clinical signs and symptoms.

On Differential Diagnosis:

Bipolar Disorder or ADHD/ADD can be added to – or moved further up – the differential diagnosis through use of the MPR™ assay.

On Avoiding Mistreatment:

Use of MPR™ can help avoid inducing hypomania (“switching”) with the inadvertent prescription of antidepressants.

On Delineating Co-Morbidities:

MPR™ is a tool to help delineate the diagnoses for the approximately 15% of those with bipolar disorder who are co-morbid for ADHD, and vice versa.

On Accuracy of Treatment:

Those patients who are depressed, anxious, agitated, with limited concentration and attention who score in the “negative” range will probably do better with treatments other than mood stabilizers or stimulants.

Improving Treatment, Reducing Cost for Insurers

On Effective Treatment:

With correct diagnosis and the ability to adjust medications effectively, using the MPR™ the need for costlier partial hospitalization or hospitalization can be reduced.

On Misdiagnosis:

Inappropriate diagnosis of mental illnesses generates significant annual costs for the insurance Industry.

On Societal costs:

The personal and social costs of mental illnesses are significant, including increased disability and increased morbidity.

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